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4,5 sterren uit 160 beoordelingen
15 aug 2019 om 23:27 Lekker
15 aug 2019 om 22:29 Heel lekker en extra snel bezorging
14 aug 2019 om 2:18 Delivery very fast and foods are well packed. Will order again
13 aug 2019 om 20:39 Super snel en eten was goed
10 aug 2019 om 22:47 Tandoori chicken can be grilled further till the black coal appears on the cooked chicken. Lamb was very hard, need to improvise making soft Lamb tikka to make perfect receipe.
5 aug 2019 om 23:54 Kip tandoori: volgende keer graag zonder botten. Voor de rest perfect!
4 aug 2019 om 13:37 Having had meals a few times before perhaps just a hiccup but this Chilli Chicken was really salty. Had to throw most of it away.
3 aug 2019 om 21:53 Milde versie was te pittig en roti was droog